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Eco-tour DOLPHINS & CETACEANS, Protected Marine Area AGOA

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Captain / Eco friendly guide

Maximum 12 persons

(seating position)

Fully sea security equipped

2 motors, swim ladder, icebox, bath jacket....

Welcome on board our Lemanja 29 boat, very comfortable and be prepared to live one of your most impressive records amongst dolphins and whales (according to the season).

The marine sanctuary of the Martinique:, A.G.O.A., is a cetacean-protected area: 21 composed of 21 living species.

Some settled, are living yearly along the Caribbean coast, others just come to feed, reproduce or deliver their young.

Half day departures 8:00 am
12:45 pm (according to wind conditions)
Marine Natural Park

8:45 am appointment, return 12h00 pm (according to the sea research) Marina Pointe-du-Bout, Trois-Ilets.

During the short sailing, going to the watching spots, you will enjoy, from the sea, the beautiful landscapes of Martinique: from la Pointe-du-Bout to Saint-Pierre, with the “Montagne Pelée” Volcano in background.

Bottlenose Dolphins, Fraser’s Dolphins, Melon-headed, Pilot – Bottlenose -Humpback, Sperm, whales on season…. but especially the pantropical spotted dolphin, mostly gathered in vast numbers.

As soon as the first group has been spotted, we do approach very slowly to be accepted, without boring them.

Then, just enjoy, their water ballet.

So close to the animals, our Eco-guide will make you discover their behavior in the natural environment: rest phase, playing (surfing, swimming at the bow of the boat, acrobatic jumps).

Following this very impressive time, just take a break and a bath in a protected cove, where you’ll watch green turtles and hawksbill turtles. “A drink”. Discover the underwater by swimming or snorkeling (snorkel on board). Do not forget swimwear, sheets, video cameras.




3 to 10 years


Less than 3 years


“If the cetaceans are not there, WE INVITE YOU BACK !”

At your disposal, our professional staff

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